Restart issue

Hello COMODO Team and Users !

I installed something in SandBox mode, for testing purposes and it asked me to Restart…so being in SandBox mode i said ok i do that just because i was being too lazy to copy my test from SandBox folder to a different location, and then reset the SandBox from COMODO.

So i did restart in SandBox mode and the laptop restarted…

I can’t find an option to block that, or i don’t know where to look for it, as i don’t need any running in SandBox test to restart my laptop in a middle of a test or work.

Help please.

It sounds to me as though you have confused the Sandbox with a full virtual machine, which it isn’t.
It might be worth raising a feature request though for the ability to block calls to the Windows shutdown/reboot APIs in the sandbox?

The API’s that would need to be hooked by the sandbox are listed here:


Thanks MikeDiack,

Yep i didn’t expect to be a VirtualBox, but what i didn’t expected was to restart the system from SandBox.
Now if i can think of it even shutdown the system from SandBox will do a lot of harm !

So please COMODO Team do try to prevent that.
Just make the SandBox not execute harmful routines please !

btw after that thing happened i do now started to enable hips !

Shutdown/restart is blocked for contained applications as long as LocalSecurityAuthority.Shutdown is listed under protected COM Interfaces.

Thanks, right…but…

It’s not very ok for a exe to restart/shutdown/stand by/hibernate/lock/wake-on-lan/turn off monitor/logoff from within SandBox !
I really advice for the above actions to be removed asap from default SandBox.
Those little things are dangerous and can yes can be crafted to exploit the system.
Do reconsider block such actions by default in SandBox to the nearest version of COMODO Internet Security !

I have some ideas now…i will try to see if i can evade SandBox and take over the system…if i can manage that then :-X