Restart Button into IceDragon Menu

Hello I have a idea for our icy browser IceDragon.

See something like this:

I think it will be very helpful when the browser crash because of RAM usage when it is high… or any other crash…
and it must be able to keep all open tabs after restarting :-TU

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:


Hi yigido,
I am not totally against your idea, I am just not sure that it is a necessary option. :-\

You can already restore previous tabs after restarting CID manually using the ‘Restore Previous Session’ function found under history. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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Hello captainsticks,

thanks for your answer. My wish collects more clicks into one place. “Restore Previous Session” button is not easy to find.
Maybe “Restart the CID” button can do this job instead of “Restore Previous Session” button and also opens the tabs after starts :wink:


Hi yigido,
While I am not sure it is necessary, I do understand and respect your wish as it is a single click method with no adverse effects.
For this reason I have voted yes. :-TU

Thanks for the vote, you got my point :-TU

I happen to agree 100% with you on this Captain.

Although, sometimes simplicity is underrated, because of this, i too, will vote yes.

Thanks illumination for your support :-TU

You may find this extension helpful:


This add-on fits perfectly what I want from the devs :wink: I do not want an add-on, I want to make CID a easy to use browser with this wishes. if it is happen, this feature comes entegrated with itself

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: