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I’ll post in this column topics which provide very detailed guidance addressing specific issues.

The FAQ will cross refer to these resources where appropriate

So please look at the FAQ first if you need help.

This appears to work, subject to further testing.
(Thanks to Ronny for the batch file on which this is based)


[ol]- Change the EasyVPN services to “manual” invocation. Navigate to control panel~administrative tools~services. Then double click on “COMODO EasyVPN Service” and “COMODO EasyVPN VNC Service”, and change the startup type to manual, then press OK

  • Use msconfig to disable the automatic startup of EasyVPN.exe. (Start~run then type: msconfig.exe and press return then uncheck the EasyVPN entry on the startup tab)
  • Create a batch file to manually start EasyVPN. Paste the following text into Notepad (Start~All Programs~Accessories~Notepad).
    NET START “COMODO EasyVPN Service”
  • Save this file as EVPN.cmd, say on your desktop. You can drag a shortcut to anywhere you please. You can restore automatic starting by creating a startup in the Start~All Programs~Startup folder.
  • Reboot & in future start EASYVPN using the desktop command file, or any shortcut to it.[/ol]

This appears to work, subject to further testing.


[ol]- Unzip the attached file to your desktop, or anywhere else.

  • Then drag a shortcut to start~all programs~startup. (You can actually double click on the startup folder in ‘all programs’ to make this easier).
  • Disable any current autostart entry for your email client (see c. below for how to disable autostarts using msconfig). If you want you email client to autostart, add the full name (including path) of the emails client’s executable file on a line by itself to the batch file after the CAS line. (If you don’t know how please ask)[/ol]


  • The file assumes you have your CAS installation programs in C:\program files\comodo\antispam - that’s where the installation program puts it.
  • If you have any other problems you might need to disable the normal CAS startup using msconfig (start~run~msconfig~startup tab~untick CAS32.exe), but the file should work without you needing to do that.

[attachment deleted by admin]

This is an operating system (Win XP) bug, which afflicts many different applications, with many causes. The following fix works in many, but not all, cases. Further fixes can be discovered at


[ol]- Disable the SSDP discovery service and the Universal Plug And Play service as these worsen the Windows disappearing tray icon bug. (Navigate: ControlPanel - Admin tools - Services. Double click each service and press button to disable. Most people don’t need these services - more here and here).

  • Save any files you may have open. Close your email client. Use windows task manager (navigate start then run & type in ‘tasmgr’) to close CAS by ‘killing’ CAS32.exe.
  • Re-start CAS via the start menu/all programs list.
  • Then reboot and LOG-off and LOG-on again to your user account, using start menu/log-off button. [/ol]

This problem may recur occasionally when you have an abnormal re-boot process (eg when installing substantial items of new software, or after a crash). If it does re-do the above sequence from ‘killing’ CAS.