Resource Usage

(Sorry for the double post but this goes both on feedback and wishlist)

When users search for optimization applications, such as CSC, usually they don’t want that app to run in the background. But there are, of course, those who don’t mind that extra resource usage. Anyhow COMODO should make CSC to have it both ways, prompting the user something like:

a) Use continous scanning (CV.exe) in the background, so that scanning and cleaning are faster when you run CSC.

b) NEVER use background services, saving resources but sacrificing scanning and cleaning times. Only perform these tasks when CSC is executed.

(A simple switch like the Active Clean one would do… but make it work!)

You are more concerned with the optimization and time it takes for CSC to do its job… maybe you should focus on the “when its done” rather than the “how long to do it”. We don’t mind it takes an hour or more, as long as we can control when the program is going to use those resources. CSC isn’t supposed to be used every day, but every 15 days / 1 month I think…

By the way, congratulations on all the software developed, CIS CTM CB and CPM are top notch apps which I have been using for years now.

Keep it up! (But please fix CSC urgently!)