Resolving IPs?

Hello all,

I have recently downloaded CPF after uninstalling Kerio 4. Very impressive firewall indeed. However I do have one issue. Is there a way to stop CPF from resolving IP addresses from connections? For heavy-traffic applications such as bittorrent or emule, CPF begins increasing CPU usage trying to resolve the IPs. This option was available in Kerio, which was why it was the most resource friendly of all the firewalls I’ve used. If Comodo has this option, it would definate be the best firewall for me. Any ideas?

easy enough!

Just put in the CPF wishlist and it will be implemented into the next releases!


CPF does not resolve anyhing. It should be something else. If there is a rule with a hostname, CPF tries to resolve the name every 60 minutes. Thats it. How do you know CPF is the guilty?