[resolved] This isn't the comodo I remember. Leak test fail?

I’ve waited for months to get Comodo’s firewall on my Windows 7 box and after I get it installed, leak tests blow through it like I didn’t install anything. This isn’t the Comodo I remember at all. What happened to Comodo’s Firewall? Widows 7 can’t be defended using this or is there some new settings I’m not aware of? I’m disappointed so far guys.

Edit: I found a post comment by John Buchanan the mod dude and he commented to right click on the
icon on the tray, mouse over the configuration dropdown and select proactive. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Link test approved. Props Johnny B.


It is important to remember that secuity is not sufficient from the moment CIS 3 is installed.

After install, you must stealth all ports using “stealth ports wizard.” In addition, you must set CIS configuration to “proactive security” if you wish to have a high level of security (the other configurations are less secure). You may get more pop up warnings initially when using proactive security, but these will trickle to a minimium after CIS learns your system.

Hopefully, CIS 4 will have an install wizard that will require the user to configure security. With an install wizard, CIS would be configured appropriately from the moment it first starts.
For users with special priviledges, you can see details of this suggestion in the usability forum.