(Resolved) Suggestion improvements to the web filter

would be interesting to add or improve function in the filtro web , where it would be possible to block url in terms eg. * exe, * baixa.
avast and outpost firewall have this function. suppose that our PC is infected with malware that redirects filtro web addresses we type the url www.comodo.com and be redirected to a fake page address www.baixali.com.
As the term (* baixa) is set to be blocked. Access to “false” page would be denied.
example of (used as an example avast) would be attached

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As far as I can tell this is already possible? See blocking common words & extensions in CIS URL filter - YouTube for demonstration.

Sanya IV Litvyak Hello, Sorry I was too rushed. ;D

I did as suggested in the video.

  1. If we want to block terms, we put * example *.
  2. If we wanted block by extension we should put *. Extension *.
    Let us say that put * .example *, but the website address is:… Siteexemplo this would not be blocked
    attached examples:

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You could do baixa instead of .baixa then it’d also block the musicasparabaixar website. Or do you mean something else?

Edit: Basically you could put the wildcards ( the * ) anywhere… for example *.baixa.exe would be a valid block rule.

baixa is quite enough.

thanks for clearing my doubts. Why do not you make a tutorial of the new version of CIS 7?

I don’t do tutorials on things I don’t have complete knowledge of. :wink: Well to be honest I don’t do tutorials at all, much too lazy for that. ;D

As it appears that this functionality is already included I will move this post back to the main section of the Beta board for discussion.