[Resolved]Is Format Factory Malware?

I am just trying to verify if Format Factory is really malware or just a false positive.

Company: Free Time
Version Number: 2.60
Originally Was in a 38.1mb .ZIP file when downloaded
Format Factory is a freeware video/audio converter/encoder program
Avast detected it as: Win32:Trojan-gen
File ID: 3

The main exe file was quarantined by Avast the other day, and since the file is too large, I can not upload it to Virus Total or Comodo’s CAMAS; I have uploaded a false positive report from the quarantine in Avast but I am also making one here hoping to get a response.

Here is the official website:


Here are a few of the download mirrors for the file:

http://format-factory.en.softonic.com/?ptn=ff (I think this is the mirror I used to download it)

Here is a list of reports from various website scanners:







Thank you, I also just got a reply from Avast saying it was a false positive as well, and they have now fixed it.

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