[Resolved] How to Screen Shot Alerts

I’ve tried several programs and all I get is the Comodo banner.

huh ??? what do you mean?
you want to take a screenshot of CIS alert? is that what you mean?

you can take the screenshot by following this steps:

  1. press the PrtScr key (next to F12 key)
  2. go to start menu/run==> type mspaint
  3. on mspaint, click on edit & then paste
  4. save as the pic as jpg format

is that what you mean? :-La

At least Irfanview can take screenshots of the alerts.

I use the following option in Irfanview’s capture mode: Foreground window - Client area. That way only the alert is included, provided that the alert window has focus when screenshot is taken.

I use FastStone Capture 6.3. Light, (there is a portable version), and allows you control over what and how you wish to capture.
It is not freeware, however.

Thanks to all who replied. I had already tried print screen but it only shows the background and not the Comodo Alert. MWSnap and Photoscape only show the Comodo banner. But I found a copy of FastStone Capture 5.3 (the last freebie) on an old CD backup and it worked like a charm. Thanks for that idea, John Buchanan. :-TU

Glad I could help. :slight_smile:
I’ll mark this as Resolved.
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