Resolved - Hopsurf Bug - Toolbar Doesn't Update to New Ratings...

Ok, here we go:

Windows Vista 32bit, Home Premium
Firefox 3.0.12
Just updated to Hopsurf; no problem before updating

Anyway, the HopSurf toolbar is “frozen”. It doesn’t update the Likes/Dislikes when I go to a new page/site, and if I click the Reviews button, it goes to the HopSurf review page for the first site that opened when I started Firefox.

My homepage is When I start Firefox, comes up, and the HopSurf toolbar displays the options for But when I go to this forum, the ratings don’t change. I know that there are 14 likes for this forum, but the toolbar only shows the 0 likes & 0 dislikes that Bing has. And if I click the “Review” button, it goes to Bings review page instead of Comodo Forum’s.

Get it? :wink:

EDIT: I uninstalled and reinstall HopSurf, but I still have the problem.


Hi LaserWraith.
Thank you for the feedback.
Can you provide us some info so that we could look at this issue, please.
Do you have some other FF add-ins installed? If yes - please list them with version numbers of each.
How fast is your internet connections?
Can you send a screenshot of the issue?

Kind regards,

Sorry for late reply…but I just formatted and now it is all right.