RESOLVED:Firefox 54 Does Not Spawn Multiple Processes When Launched From Cistray

I upgraded to Firefox 54 (64 bit) yesterday and noticed that only one process is spawned when launched from the Cistray. When I launch FF outside of a sandbox, it immediately spawns 3 processes. I tried increasing the dom.ipc.processCount in about:config from it’s default of 1 to higher values. In all cases, more processes were created in the non-sandboxed browser but the sandboxed browser stubbornly remained at 1 process. I am running CIS Premium

By comparison, Chrome has never had a problem spawning multiple processes when launched from the Cistray.

Please assist.

Hmm, many views but no replies. Should I have posted this in another forum? Is anyone else experiencing this problem? If it is widespread and not just isolated to my system, then I’m sure the fine folks at Comodo would want to know this so that they could investigate an issue leading to a major performance hit to a very popular web browser.

Can you check if ‘Multiprocess Windows’ is listed as enabled (1/1) in about:support while being sandboxed?

Thank you windstorm! Your suggestion led me to the answer, and it is not Comodo-related. The sandboxed browser reports that it is in the following state: Multiprocess Windows 0/1 (Disabled by add-ons). I run a lot of add-ons, so the thought of trying to isolate which one (or many) are to blame seemed daunting. I discovered that there is another add-on that can automatically indicate which installed add-on’s are compatible or incompatible with multiprocess. It is called Add-on Compatibility Reporter. Unfortunately for me, 8 of mine are incompatible, some of which are mandatory (in my opinion) for safe browsing (e.g., RequestPolicy Continued). Hence, unless the add-ons are recoded to be compatible, or I can find suitable substitutes, I fear that I am stuck with the inferior performance of a uniprocess FF.

Those add-ons have to be rewritten as WebExtensions to be compatible with Firefox 57+. WebExtensions must support Electrolysis (“e10s”, multiprocess). Also, see this issue.