[RESOLVED] Copying in Office 2007 Excel

I have a question about something in Office 2007 Excel:

For some reason, I can’t seem to copy multiple cells, some with formulas and some without, from one spreadsheet to another. Well I can, but only the formulas’ results are copied. I want to know how to copy the formulas themselves along with the rest.

I thought it was easy in previous versions, but, although I like the ribbon a lot, I can’t find that option now.

I think you should use Paste Special for formulas. But, you still might find the formula variables broken or absent (depending on where you paste to) and avoiding pasting mixed data is probably a good idea as well. :slight_smile:

Did you check Auto Calc in your excel options?

Thanks for replies.

Paste Special did paste something, but it was uneditable.

Anyway, I found out the problem: the letter-number coordinates were not the same in the doc I pasted to as in the original.

Thanks for helping anyway!