[Resolved] Comodo Write Protecting Executables?

I recently came back to Comodo after a test with Windows 8’s virus protection software. Anyway, after installing Comodo it seems that whenever I try to compile a file with Visual Studio the build fails. Apparently their is something protecting the file from being written to. Thus, I have to manually delete the file for my builds to work. This begin immediatly after reinstalling Comodo. I have not installed any other software in that time.

Any ideas on how I might resolve this? It’s burning a lot of time. The specific error it gives is: “cannot open ******.exe for writing”

Do the files you compiled get quarantined or deleted by the AV? Please check the AV logs under View Antivirus Events.

When running compiler it is mandatory to give the compiler, VS, in your case the Installer/Updater policy in D+. That way the new files made by the compiler will be trusted as they are created and running under the big wing of the Installer/Updater policy.

You probably also set CIS to not show any alerts. Please change this under Scanner Settings for the AV, Firewall Behaviour Settings for the Firewall and Defense + Settings for D+.

Where’s my post were I splained how to configure CIS D+ for Visual Studio developers? I believe it got stickied in some tutorial somewhere.

Er voila: How to use Visual Studio debugger with CIS [v5]