RESOLVED - Comodo took my $1500 but has not bothered to issue the CSR

So I think I have already done my fair share to help Comodo.

$1500 !!!

I think Melih needs to look at this.


hmm… strange…

CSR is Certificate Signing Request that has to be generated by the client.
once this is generated, then we as the CA go thru validation process to make sure everything is in order before issuing a certificate.

If you have provided your CSR to us for signing, then its most likely you are waiting on the validation to be completed. If this is the case then you can send an email to our validation dept to find out the status.

I will ask them to come and have a look this thread as well, but i think you will get much better response by sending an email to validation/support dept.

I am here if you need anything else…


I received an email from Caleb yesterday at 12:10pm EST:

I just called Andy again and resolved the pending issue. The order is now in 2nd review which means there is one last look through th order to make sure all of the information matches the CSR provided. Once the certificate is issued you will receive a confirmation email to with the certificate files. This should be available within a few hours today.
Validation Team

This was after I was told it would be ready first thing yesterday morning. Later in the afternoon I was told that it would be any moment now. I would be happy to forward or post all of these emails if it would help. I checked throughout the evening and finally called the EV department only to find out they had closed at 6pm. I tried Tech support but they were closed as well.

I later tried online chat and spent close to 2 hours trying them to get something done. At one point “Mark” on chat told me that they would be getting back to me soon. he then told me no one in the EV department would be there until morning at 4am. He then told me they would be responding “immediately” once they were in. He eventually put me through to “Shaun”. I explained that it was validated but the info needed to be compared. He, as well as Mark, told me I had to send an email request to I tried this but the emails bounced back.

At this point I have been lied to and pretty much just been ignored. I have tried to be reasonable and polite with no luck. Now I get to be unreasonable and rude. I’m hoping that will get a response.



I forgot to mention that I currently have 3 “urgent” open support tickets for the EV Validation team.

I had sent our CSR over to our sales rep, as requested, on the 1st around 4:30PM. He missed it completely until I spoke with him on the 3rd and then he saw it and submitted it to the appropriate place.

The data in DUNs and Whois was off because they had our company name and not our recently incorporated name. I updated Whois and then had our CPA send off the required letter verifying our name, address and phone number. I was told by Caleb, on Tuesday, that all he had to do was call our CPA (the “Andy” mentioned in his email) and then call me. I explained to Caleb that Andy would be at our site for a bit on Wednesday so could he might have to call our number to reach him. He said that was no problem as he was going to call Andy right then. Yesterday I found out that he had not called him on Tuesday, like he said he would, and tried on Wednesday. Our CPA was not in his office on Wednesday when Caleb called, as I had warned him. So he then just left a message and called him yesterday. The result was that email I posted that said all he had to do was compare the data we gave him to the CSR.

Maybe today he’ll feel up to comparing our name and address and such. Maybe that is too much for him. All I know is that I am still “awaiting validation” even though he told me we had been validated.

Any help would be appreciated,


They are on it Jim…

EV validation is a cumbersome but important process. Please bear with us!

thank you for your patience.


Has this issue been resolved? If so, perhaps it might help to indicate so in the topic heading. Just an opinion.

Yes this was resolved and the certificate issued some time ago.