[RESOLVED] Comodo Anti-Virus Scan hangs-up at the sigsdb.db file


Anti-Virus hangs-up on (on two computers) at the same file:
c:\documents and headings\all users\application data\comodo\common\db

Scan stops/freezes at exactly this point; this has happened during all scans over the past couple of weeks. Today I started the a/v scan, and the scan has been frozen for almost 7 hours; I left it running to see if it would break through. Did not. “Pause” and “resume” do not help.

As it is, I cannot complete a full scan.

Additional information:

  • Scan started at 08:05 and stopped at 09:41

  • Last entry in Comodo log is:
    "[Mon, 10 Mar 2008 09:41:45 AM] [NOT SAFE - SAFE SCAN ERROR CODE : CSFSSI03] [Path]c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\comodo\common\db\sigsdb.db [Version] [Result]Clean [ScanTime]120 ms

  • There is no “error” notice in the log

Hi dougbulen

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You can try putting the comodo\db in the excludes list and see if that helps.


Hi John (JJasper)
Thanks for your tip. It worked.