[Resolved]cmdagent.exe won't autostart

I like to consider myself pretty computer savvy, despite my over 60 years on the planet. I’ve installed and have liked CIS Internet Security v 5.0.163652.1142 virus db 7230. Custom firewall security level, Internet Security active. Running windows xp pro sp3 with 3 gig mem. No matter what I do I can’t get cmdagent.exe to start at bootup. I have to start it through diagnostics, which tells me it isn’t running and starts it. Then I get the green shield. It is in the registry to startup per anvir and also msconfig. I’ve uninstalled with revo, and reinstalled: same result.

My only other issue is when I reinstalled and imported my firewall settings, they didn’t all import and many were lost. Is there a separate export/import for Internet Security, Firewall and proactive security?
any help appreciated.

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try once again. but this way. download the newest CIS CIS 5.3 and read through this topic and download the cleanup tool. Now uninstall CIS, use the cleanup tool and install the newest CIS.

I hope this will help to solve your problem, if not completely but partially.


Thank you Valentin. Wanted to report back that your solution solved the problem. cmdagent.exe autostarts now.

I’ll go ahead and close this thread
Reason: Issue is Resolved

Good Job Valentin N :slight_smile: