[Resolved] Can't Get "Services" to Start! Please Help

When I try to open “Services”, I get this error:



Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
User Account Control Disabled
CIS and GeSWall as Security Programs

Find my other programs I use here.

Help appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Hi Laser, are you referring to the Services management console? If so how are you trying to access it?

Yep. I’m searching for “Services” in the Start Menu search box, and I click the only entry, “Services”.

The MMC is actually called services.msc it should be in Windows\system32. I’m not sure about Vista home but on other builds of Windows you can find a copy in Windows\winsxs

If that fails you could try creating a new console. go to start/ run and type mmc. This should open a new window. Go to file/ Add/Remove snapin scroll down the list until you find services, click add and follow the prompts…

right click Services>run as Administrator.


You can use CMD also as Administrator mode.-

Thanks you two!

Running as admin didn’t work, and the second suggestion was similar to Quill’s.

That first suggestion gave me an idea…I opened the file location of the “Services” shortcut, and it said I don’t have permission to open it. So I transferred the permissions to me, so now I can open Services!

Thanks again.