[Resolved] Bug CIS and Windows Sound system

Hi all,

I noted a strange bug with Comodo IS :

When I open the sound control panel (sndvol32.exe) and I try to check (or uncheck) the Mute checkbox, explorer bloc all, only the mouse still run but I can’t do nothing, I can’t clic on nothing, and I have to shutdown manually. I noted the same bug with the sound button directely on the laptop. In fact, each time I tried to change a sound parameter, the explorer bug …

I tried to unistall it (plus registry cleaning…) and to reinstall it but the problem is still the same as well.
I confirm that without the CIS, the bug doesn’t appear.

My laptop is a HP EliteBook 6930p with WinXP Pro SP3.

Thanks for your help !

Welcome to the Forum, sethnesta.

You will have to update your sound driver to resolve your issue.
This thread and the links within are proof of this.

Super ! It’s run well now.

Thanks very much John !