[Resolved]Battlefront.com products

Just upgraded CIS to v5.3 [& that wasn’t easy…about 2hrs with multiple reboots, & reinstalls to get it working on my Vista x64]

Now my BFC.com products don’t work

Faulting application CM Shock Force.exe, version, time stamp 0x4ced00e3, faulting module CM Shock Force.exe, version, time stamp 0x4ced00e3, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00309760, process id 0xeb0, application start time 0x01cbb8e497c66f66.

I hear it is related to the eLicense system but adding the executables to trusted or as installer in system conifg doesn’t help.

BFC recommend these files are set as safe

\Windows\Runservice.exe' '\Windows\mmfs.dll' '\Windows\lcmmfu.cpl' '\Program Files\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force\elicen40.dll' '\Program Files\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force\msvcr71.dll' '\Program Files\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force\CM Shock Force.exe'

The Marines and British Forces modules will add the following executables:

‘\Program Files\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force\Modules\CMSF Marines Module.exe’
‘\Program Files\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force\Modules\CMSF British Module.exe’

I am not the only one with this problem - please investigate.

or should I just go back to v3.x at least that was a known quantity. :cry:

Hello :slight_smile:

Hope to solve your issue quickly,

Have you added BFC’s Executables to Image Execution Control Exclusions?
As well as trusted applications?

(CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Image Execution > Exclusions)
(CIS > Defense+ > Computer Security Policy )

Also; I was also wondering if you could post a screenshot of your Defense+ Events

Hope this helps


Interestingly the logs don’t show anything! ??? I only tracked this down by cross-referencing the BFC forum comments on error codes & AV etc blocking the games.
They do show other events tho, eg the gstreamer.dll files in VLC & Opera are getting blocked. (Another one to whitelist… :P)

I am greatly relieved to report that the game is now running once the 3 executables from the CMSF folder were added to exclusions. So that is great (& fast) work thanks! :wink: :slight_smile:

I should ask if I need to leave the exe’s in the Computer Security Policy as ‘installers’, tho I guess it won’t hurt.
Being in ‘trusted’ made no difference to the blocking of the game starting - suggests that CIS has some blind-spots in relation to how the eLicense works.
Would be nice to get the stuff white-listed (hint hint).

Thanks again.

I would add them as trusted; not installer/updaters; For security reasons of course…

To add an item to the whitelest; please post here

Anything else i may help you with?


I’d tried them as ‘trusted’ then read the thread about adding files as ‘installers’ as a work around so gave it a shot.

Everything seems to be behaving now. Hopefully I won’t need any more help but better not let the PC hear me say that! :smiley: Thanks Jacob.


Have some OT features I would like to see in Comodo after doing a full scan - The way CIS reports bad registry keys is a bit curtailed - not the full path & one needs to save the scan result & then find the entry in it & then search for it with regedit. Would be nice to be able to extract & save the key just in case it isn’t malicious.

  • More ability to interact with the logs - copy the info out from the log etc with a right click - i.e. single selected lines rather than the whole page.
  • A ‘browse to’/‘open container’ for the log entries would be equally useful.
  • A way to search the lists for specific files, at the moment it’s a manual job.
    (this is something I’ve wanted for a long time but it was especially obvious today seeing that ‘add to trusted’ etc is now available on a right click.
    & unnecessary but useful,
  • a way to preview skins without a prog restart.

These are great features you have listed! especially the preview of skins before a prog restart; and the ‘search function’

You should add these to the wishlist which can be found [here
make sure you did a search before creating such wish’s because someone may have already made a post about that feature

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction again Jake :wink:
Have posted the ideas for right-click access.
Added the ‘exclusions’ info to a thread at BFC so your tip/the solution is already helping others. 8)

does your wanted application work as they should?

Valentin N

It is doing what it should so far. Further testing with the different games that use the same elicense system will hopefully show up any odd behavior. ToW2 & CMSF on different PCs with different OSs - So far OK with this work around.

I’ll go ahead and lock this thread;

If you have problems please PM me, and i’ll reopen it thus we can help you :slight_smile: