Resetting to factory defaults

Is there a way to reset CIS to “factory defaults?”

In other words, is there a way to reset CIS so that it’s as if it were just installed… cam be made so that it doesn’t know anything about anything and needs to be “retrained” in absolutely everything?

If there isn’t, then there needs to be.

Or, if everyone thinks it’s not a good idea globally, then there should be such a “reset” possible within each of the components: A way to reset the firewall, for example, so that it knows nothing about anything and will alert the very next time anything tries to communicate either way to/from the Internet; or a way to reset Defense+ so that it only knows what was programmed into it by Comodo, and so will alert when anything else tries to launch, etc.

May I ask: In the firewall’s “Network Security Policy” area, on the “Application Rules” tab, is the “Purge” button. What precisely, does that do? Does it purge all application rules (other than whatever was programmed-in by Comodo, itself)? If so, then that’s sort of what I’m talking about. If not, then what, precisely, does it do?

  • HarpGuy

Hello HarpGuy,

  1. There isn’t a simple button you can press to reset CIS to defualts besides Reinstall
    There is a work around, You’ll have to download and import a configuration (I’ll try to upload one right now)

  2. I think its a great idea! You should post it here

  3. Purge means to remove old files that arent in use or are not there anymore Example: You download firefoxinstall.exe to install firefox, CIS alerts you firefoxinstall.exe is trying to connect to the internet.
    You allow firefoxinstall.exe, so there for its in the Application Rules. So once you install firefox, and you now longer need firefoxinstall.exe so you either Delete it, or you either move it to a collection etc etc…
    Now once you press the Purge Button the rule for firefoxinstall.exe will no longer be there because you have moved or deleted firefoxinstall.exe.

Did this help?


Yes, thank you!

However, I’m having a little difficulty – sorry – seeing the precise difference between the “Remove” and the “Purge” buttons… though I’m going to go read-up on it and I’m sure will know soon (though if you’d like to clarify, I’m all ears). Neither of them actually removes the file from the machine, though… right? They just remove or purge the file from the policies… right? (Please say “right” to both!) [grin]

I just made a couple of suggestions in the wish list area, as you suggested; and even made one to the CIS6 wish list… though I don’t see what that thread was even started. A wish list is a wish list, regardless of version. Why, if you think about it, would any of us want a feature in CIS6 that we wouldn’t also (and first) want in CIS5? It’s kind of silly. But I digress. Sorry.

Anyway… thanks!

  • HarpGuy

Purge - Runs a system check to verify that all the applications for which policies are listed are actually installed on the host machine at the path specified. If not, the policy is removed, or ‘purged’, from the list.

Remove - Deletes the currently highlighted policy or rule. (whether if the actual file is there or not)

Hope this helps


Ah! Clear. In fact, as Tom Cruze’s character responded when Jack Nicholson’s character twice asked of him from the witness stand, “Are we clear?” in the movie “A Few Good Men”: It is “crystal” clear.


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