Resetting application access policy settings [RESOLVED]


I’ve been using comodo for a while and have ‘taught’ comodo my secutity policy settings when it came up with a prompt everytime I run certain tasks on an application for the first time.

Recently one of my programs are blocking me from using my mouse. I know what exactly triggered this and I was able to block this program from denying me to use my mouse with Comodo the first time. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled this program and when comodo pops up asking me should I allow this program to take control of an input device I accidentally answered yes.

I need to reset this security policy setting for this application so I need to gain control of my mouse again when I use this program since I don’t want to uninstall this application again as I have installed various plugins and set it’s preferences and I don’t want to go through installing plugins and setting preferences again. Is there a way to reset comodo security policy for applications settings like it was freshly installed?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi kathykaboom,welcome to the forums.

You will need to go to Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy and find the applications .exe,highlight it and choose “Remove” APPLY to close window.This will remove any rules allready made.
Also because this application is now on your computer D+ will create rules for it automatically unless you put your Defence+ setting to “Paranoid” where you should get a pop up for each action and can set a rule accordingly.


ps you could also manually change the rules by highlighting/Edit/Access rights

Thank you very much for your help!


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