Reset registry virtualization

I have Kingsoft Writer as an Always Sandboxed program with registry virtualization.

The problem is that it always reverts to a corrupted state when the registry is virtualized. I cannot close it without terminating the process.

Although unchecking registry virtualization works, how do I fix this? Can I reset Comodo’s virtual registry?

Oh yeah, I have the latest version of both and Windows 7 64-bit.

CIS stores the visualized registry and file and folders in c:\vritualRoot\folder. I would think when you delete the matching registry entries there you would do the desired reset.

It only seems to store the file system virtualization. I can’t find any registry entries. Deleting the files and folders changes nothing.

i think the registry virtualization is stored in


Thanks a bunch, all of it is definitely there. Note to self: remember to search registry as well.