Reset Firewall w no auto-whitelisting

Using COMODO Firewall, how do I reset the Firewall to the same status as before I did any terminations? I terminated a couple of exe’s and now can’t connect to the web - even after rebooting the computer.

Do I unblock, remove, or purge the list of apps/exes to clear whatever is blocking browsers from connecting to www? I DO NOT want to auto-whitelist ANYTHING as a result of unblocking, removing, or purging the list.

In fact, anything I “set free” during a reset needs to be caught again by the software, just like it was “caught” originally. I only want to set free anything I terminated that is still being blocked and re-catch any questionable stuff again if it tries to run.

Under Firewall>Network Zones>Blocked Zone, there is nothing to delete and although I don’t recognize what I terminated in the list of blocked apps, it doesn’t mean it’s not there somewhere. I’ve attached the list of Block Applications.

NICE FEATURE IDEA: have a daily log of what has been both 1) blocked/terminated manually and 2) blocked by the software, and allow us to uncheck the box on an item so it is no longer blocked/terminated.

If this feature already exists somewhere - HURRAY! - Where is it?

off topic…I also attached a list of Untrusted Certs and am wondering if I should attempt to contact their owners or ignore them. Is there a way to see if this cert alert is outdated info that is no longer an issue?


This looks to be a HIPS issue and not the network firewall itself, either way you need to go into the application rules and delete the rules for the applications that do not work anymore, make sure you have “Do Not show popup alerts” disabled. HIPS rules help guide here and firewall application rules. For the unblock applications list you can just remove them to clear the list.

Also there are logs that you can view to see more details of blocked events and what action was done when an alert was shown. Help documentation on the event logs here. But I will link the HIPS specific logs as the previous link is not working for some reason, HIPS Logs.

I’ve removed the HIPS Rules and all the blocked apps from those lists.

I don’t remember changing any of the default settings after the original install so I haven’t disabled any alerts.

Would reinstalling the firewall wipe previous settings? Reinstalling the browser does nothing…grasping at straws now…

Reinstalling will use default settings and is probably the best option to take to get everything working correctly, it could also be caused by a corrupt install, so doing a clean re-install should fix the issue.