reset baseline problem

Today I tried, to reset my baseline snapshot. Upon reboot with the progress bar showing 0%, i had the error message… “Preloadsectors: error. sectorFFFFFF, i=8D3”. I pressed the OK button expecting the operation to continue, but after 10 mins or so, progress was still showing 0%.

I decided, at this point, that there was a problem and manually re-started my PC. Upon reboot windows would not start with an error message “windows\system32\config\system” was corrupt or missing. As i did not have a lot of spare time on my hands toady, I restored my PC (Drive C and MBR) with an recent backup then uninstalled CTM.

At the moment I am not to sure if I will reinstall CTM or not.

Vista SP2 32 bit
Spybot (on demand only)
Acronis TIH 2009
System Restore is tuned off.

Fantastic! Exactly that I was doing myself two hours ago. Now I’m fully restored/updated from an image from September. :smiley:
Everything was fine since beta stage but when I hit that Restore-Reboot button everything went hairy.

Now I’m waiting next version and I’ll try to keep my HDD image updated more often. I have no idea what’s happened.

Seven x64
CIS 4 (without AV)
Corsair S128

OK I bite the bullet and installed again on my fresh image. Everything is fine for now but I’ll never hit again that Reset baseline button. :smiley:

Your braver than i am. I will wait for the next release before trying again. Still running OK on my XP based machine though.


Not so brave. I’ve made a image within Seven before I’ve installed CTM again. :smiley:
If something goes wrong in 10 minutes I’m back. It’s C partition, only OS and 2 games, nothing special.


Thanks for your feedback! This is a bug that we have already reproduced and we will fix it in the future!

Best Regards

Thanks Septon. I have re-installed CTM (206…166). and all seems to be working well.


Aha, so you’re brave like me. ;D

me, brave, never…

just couldn’t resist it.

mind you, still doing weekly full backups and daily profile backups with acronis.