Rescue Media Fail - An Error Occurred while creating the WinPE Image


I have tried making the Rescue Media on the following systems:

Windows 7 Pro x64
Windows 2003 R2 x32

Both systems have Windows AIK installed.

Each time when the process gets to 50% it will crash out with the following error: “An Error Occurred while creating the WinPE Image”

Any ideas?

Hi - are you using Comodo Backup personal version?

Hi, I’ve had a hard time at making it work, because we use french versions of Windows OS… From XP to Win10, I was unable to create the rescue media, it took alot of time to test it all… Then I set up a VM with Windows 7 Enterprise, plain English version, left all regional parameters as is (US English), installed the MS AIK and everything went fine after that!.. Hope it will help others with same problem!

Comodo backup is a real good software, love it! ;D

Sorry for digging up old post but I also have problem with creating image. While I start I get the error - “volume(C:) is busy or access denied and could not be locked” and then it crash. What can I do?