Rescue Disk not working as should?

Hello all, my son’s Dell Inspiron 530 pc running Vista suddenly developed a problem where he would power on the pc and when it gets to the admin logon screen the mouse pointer ‘trembles’ and we cannot move the mouse, I tried going into safe mode, same deal there, tried a new mouse and a different port, no change so figuring this may be virus related I loaded a cd with Comod Rescue disk, it booted and asked which option, I chose the “Graphics” option but then at next screen it is hanging there with the curson blinking at the bottom of the screen after the last entry showing which is “Requesting events from the kernel”.

Any ideas please?

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What happens when you boot a Linux CD. Linux distributions often can be run from a CD as a live CD. It will help to figure out if hardware is an issue or not.

What happens when you try a CD from Kaspersky, Dr Web or Avira?

Actually I restarted and now it’s scanning, get back here in a few.

I left it running a Full scan and when I got back to it, the scan window was closed, does it produce a log anywhere? Or does this mean there isn’t any virus activity so the scan window closed?

No worries, I figured it out, no virus on the pc, my son had a tablet hooked up to it which was causing the mouse problem, solved.