Requesting firefox sync


Can we sync to Firefox cloud in Ice Dragon ???


I’m afraid we still can’t. In my opinion it’s hard to understand why they removed Firefox Sync out of Comodo IceDragon. They removed one of the highlighted features of Firefox. I don’t get it… ???

All I can suggest you is to try Xmarks Sync, which sadly synchronizes your bookmarks only. Of course, you have to install this in every computer you use. It’s better than nothing, I guess.

I’m using it and it works just nice so far.

I like FVD speed dial. It can cloud sync speed dials.

Currently using Comodo Dragon with google sync, Will opt for the IceDragon only when firefox sync is embedded into IceDragon.

Firefox unlike Google Chrome works flawlessly on android gingerbread (2.3) devices.

Why no IceDragon for Android Mobiles ?

Yes… I’m plannin t opt completely out of Firefox… PLanning for Chrome… Chrome means Dragon or some other… Lets see…