Request would like to be able to Resize UI

I am new user and find myself trying to resize the window everytime I view the Activity Log section.


Welcome to the forums, BobCpc!

The resizing of the GUI has been mentioned (a few…) times before. I’m sure that will be addressed in a future version; perhaps even v3…


Hi BobCpc

LM’s right, this has already been raised. In fact, CFP did once have a resizable UI, although it didn’t remember the position (that is on the WishList as well). Then Comodo changed to UI from ActiveX/MSIE to their own (because everybody disliked ActiveX)… and there was a problem with the screen flickering on resize. So, they disabled the resize & haven’t had the time to revisit yet. I don’t know if its fixed in CFP 3 (due in 2-3 weeks on beta).

But, there is a work-around! NuonSoft’s ShellEnhancer. This free utility does lots of things, but one of those things is opening an application to a defined size & position. This works very well with CFP, mainly because it does support resizing (its just disabled).

I came up with a solution which I posted here:,5204.0.html


Hi Mark

Sorry, I forgotten about your post. I’ve made it a sticky topic (lurks near the top) in FAQ section.

Thanks Kail. My edited version works much better than the original message you saw.


Looking at the new CFP 3 screen shot, posted by Melih, here… that looks like a standard, although skinned, Windows drag handle to me & it looks like CFP 3 is now using a standard re-sizable window shell (didn’t before). So, maybe…

Per Melih, it is resizable…,8035.msg64930.html#msg64930