Request removal of incorrect criticism.

Having waited in vain (and probably expecting too much) for this comment to be removed, I do now ask that it be culled fom the thread and a retraction posted.



I’ve posted an apology for my actions in the quoted thread.

I don’t want to remove anything else from it as the following posts are my fault. Any posts remaining in the thread are a direct consequence of my mistake and I must wear the blame for this, no-one else. If I hadn’t acted prematurely, no-one else would have said anything.

Ewen :slight_smile:

To Pete. Sorry to hear about the mistake directed towards you.
To Panic. I have to say I was surprised to read that you made a mistake of this calibre, but I do have to say the way in which you handled your error including the very nicely written public apology deserves a big hats off to you.
To you both. I hope any hard feelings or bitterness towards each other can be dismissed now. Life is short and I think a big posting hand shake is in order. All the best.


Let’s join our forces and further improve CIS…

It is my turn to apologize for inadvertently allowing anyone to think that Ewen and I had “issues”.

@Ewen. Apart from the initial mistake, your behavior has been nothing less than exemplary. There are certainly no hard feelings on my part.

[at] pc-pete,
Same here Pete - NP.

Thanks cap’n. The only consolation in all this is that if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough.

Well done guys. Good to see.