Request from Comodo to participate in valid antivirus tests !!

Hello and thank you for your attention
First of all, I apologize to all of you for my poor English.
I hope I can convey what I mean to you.
As one of the oldest Comodo users (since the release of the early versions of the Comodo firewall), I have always had complete confidence in the Comodo firewall.
Version by version, the features of this firewall became more and better, fortunately.
But unfortunately, with the disappearance of the beloved MATOUSEC , we no longer know the status of the comodo firewall, and according to the same old tests, we are still comodo users.
But for some time now, I’ve lost confidence in comodo products (or rather, I’m losing confidence in comodo).
The first and least important case is the failure of Comodo firewall in tests designed by its own company.
But the most important reason why I and many users in specialized forums do not trust Comodo security suites is because of the catastrophic results of Comodo antivirus in the valid tests that have been done over the years.
Even worse is the lack of Comodo antivirus on reputable sites such as Av-Comparatives, which is a sign that Comodo’s distrust of its own antivirus.
Undoubtedly, I and many other users around the world follow and study these tests and their results are very important in choosing our security software.
First we request that the Comodo antivirus database be upgraded. Even if it is necessary to use the engine of reputable security companies. Like what G-Data Antivirus and many other antiviruses have done. (Using BitDefender and Kaspersky engines, etc.)
And our other request is that as soon as possible to ease our minds about the power of Comodo antivirus detection and other important tests (such as false positives and the effect on computer performance, etc.)
I’m sure that Comodo antivirus has improved over the years and will get better results in Av-Comparatives tests.
Thank you for your attention.
I hope this wish will come true as soon as possible.

Hi NaCm,

Thank you for reporting, we will take this to the team notice and update you.


Comodo has been tested regularly by Avlab for a long time now and new test results were published the other day!

I agree that it would be good to have it included by again.


One can always choose to install only Comodo Firewall (while installing CIS deselect the Comodo AntiVirus component) and install other brand AnitVirus engine after finishing Comodo’s Firewall installation.
But be ware, not all other brand AnitVirus engines work well together with CIS Firewall.

I have been using Comodo Firewall since version 2 also because of the excellent MATOUSEC tests those days. Today I use the very latest CIS Firewall version alongside with another brand Antivirus engine, this combo has served and protected me very well over the past decades without problems.

We all know that Comodo AnitVirus isn’t the best AntiVirus on the market (which it should be) but fortunately Comodo Firewall is excellent!

this may be helpful: