Request assistance

Could someone help me out for a sec. This error started poping up on 3 week old fresh installs from wds. The system is windows 7 pro. after i added a few games i time machined it. These computers where fully up to date at the time of lockdown. Comodo settings where to load the manualy created (and locked) snapshot that i made after every reboot.

can anyone give a sugestion, or is ther any info you need to figure it out.


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ok i found a temp fix. :smiley:

the fix was to boot the computer using the regular windows install cd (win 7 pro) and run repair. after is searched for problems for a few min. I would then request a restart to rebuild the the boot file. after it rebooted it would past POST and before it reaches comodo’s splash screen it brigns up a error. this error clames that the boot file needs repairs and that it can do it. Or it gives the option to start normaly.

i chose to repair first. that did not work. it would try to repair but then it would mess it up again and i would have to restart the prosses.

i then chose restart normaly. it went through fine and nothing was wrong. to test that the system workd i restarted. the same question came up again to repair or restart.

i did a normal load and decided a new snapshot might fix it. It did. i restarted after deleting all old snapshot and making a new one.

On a observabal note. i have noticed that there is a large change for problems the more snapshots are saved on the computer. therefor i made it so that there is only one snapshot saved that i manualy created.

i hope this will help otheres that ran into the same problem i did.

error code “0Xc000000f”

 Dunpar, did you buy Win separate from your computer. I usually by Acer or their Emachines side brand. And they never give original disks. Only a bios reinstall of OS and OEM software. Would love a brand that included OS disks.

Now that i think about it, it was downloaded CD from microsofts dev website. (i think) Yea, i would enjoy a brand that would included a Cd with there computer that is sent. Tho i hope they wount add blotware to there image.

also, so far the new image is holding and no problems has come up. i hope to be able to say the same in 3 weeks.