reports about hackers

I was wondering if there is a setting on the firewall that you can set that will give you a pop up if a hacker tries to hack your computer or port scan it?

how would I go about doing this without messing up my computer registry?

There’s really not much point in pursuing this. Windows 7 has a TCPIP stack that already been optimised against these kinds of attack, you’re also behind a router, so it will be that device that gets hit, not the software firewall.

Wouldn’t it be true that a hacker would be able to find out how to bypass the router and go straight to the firewall?

To go to such effort, a hacker would have to know you have something on your system worth all the time and effort it would require to gain access.

With so many easier targets around, you’re really pretty safe behind a NAT router (and possibly firewall) and software firewall.

I’m going to somewhat have to disagree with you on what you said. Some hackers don’t need to know that you have something good on your computer; they can just hack in and hope that they find something that was worth their time and if they don’t, they know that they have just wasted their own time. Some of them just want to erase your computer off the computer map.

Unless someone is extremely motivated to get into your system, they’ll pick far easier targets. No one with any talent is going to waste their time trying to get through an unknown domestic router and software firewall, unless they believe there’s a decent prize waiting for them.

I, myself believe that if a hacker thinks that he/she is “all that” they will hack a computer whether or not there is a prize waiting for them. On the flip side though, they will probably expect there to be a prize for them as a “bonus” for hacking into the system. If they’ve convinced themselves that they have all the resources to break a computer and make a clean get away, a prize would probably not cross their train of thought

I guess you could always just unplug all the cables to the outside world :wink:

No, I can’t do that. emails to check and online games to play :-X