Reporting a certificate used by malware

If there a procedure, link or email to report a certificate that is being used by a company in an illegal, deceptive and dangerous manner? I ran into a program that pretends to be WinPatrol but is reported by nine different AntiVirus programs as being a trojan, unwanted program and/or InstallCore injection software.
I was surprised when I saw it had a code signing certificate from Comodo purchased by Advertiso GmbH.

Bill Pytlovany
BillP Studios

Hello Bill. I sent a pm to Melih (CEO) and staff member Sal Amander to escalate the process.

Could you post the url to the VT report of the file?

Here’s a VirusTotal report from an incident that a Customer of mine had yesterday. The Malware is signed with a COMODO certificate.

I’d love to see that cert get onto a CRL.

I sent a notification email to Comodo.