Reporting 2 viruses, need comodo to remove.

Comodo doesnt detect these viruses. nor will it remove thme unless it knows about them -.-. So i want to report these 2 viruses, and i want to send a Screenshot of it… dont know where 1 of the viruses names is Malware Defense. I NEED IT REMOVED. the other is internet Security2010. PLease update your search settings to find and eliminate these Prone threats.

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you can report the files over here : , they will then be added to the next databases.

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Malwarebytes detects these viruses you can download it from

Here is a website to help with removal if you don’t want to use malwarebytes (malware defender removal)

And Removal of internet security 2010

How long until u have updated the comodo/ i allready tried DLing the malware remover thing… it wouldnt run

try starting in safe mode with networking by pressing F8 and choosing safe mode with networking. and go to and download and install. It should work.