Report Unite Bugs [Resolved]

Unite is allowing computers to be found on the network. Some of these are listed as local share only, but are available and fully accessible via the Unite Share option.

As seen in the attached image, this person’s system was found within my network. I had full access to every folder and file contained. (i.e. this person was in the market for a new house, including pics, and was considering a career change.)
I even found one of my fellow Mod’s computer’s on here.

Disabling/removing the Share portion of the Unite network adaptor properties remedied this.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi John,

Are they all members of one or more Unite networks that you are a member of?


I have not seen them before, the computer name is what is showing, current one is JKE32 (but no access inside). I did note the above (shown) computer are shared folders.
Unknown whose computers they are. Not showing up consistently.
Can be seen when clicking Network from Explorer.
If this is by design, not even sure how to make it happen, or show mine.
Mike and I have tried with no success to see each other’s this way.

This issue is resolved and now locked.
Windows sees the VPN as a physical network, and will display computers/shares it finds on your networks.