Report False Positives for Valkyrie Service Here - 2021

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If you believe that you have encountered a false positive with the online verdict service you can report them here. This is NOT the place to report false positives for comodo antivirus.

When reporting Valkyrie false positives please post the Valkyrie analysis link and a Virustotal link.


Currently, the Valkyrie site is listing our domains as infected by “Phishing”. This was was a day-long issue and has been cleaned up months ago. It was recently brought to our attention as still an issue with certain online scanners because of this classification. Please assist.


Thank you.

Hello- Can someone please help? The wrong label still persists within Valkyrie.

this is an url shortener service and all 4 urls detected by your service as phishing url cleaned

Virus total is reporting a flag from your company on one of our domains. (

Please let me know how we can help to clear up this issue as soon as possible.


based on the detection results at


Thank you.

False positive on

Hi - You are currently detecting our site as a phishing site. Please could you correct this asap and delist

Thank you.

Hi - I have already reported this on June 8th. Can you repond please or let me know who to contact?

False positive on

Hi - You are currently detecting our site as a phishing site. Please could you correct this asap and delist

Thank you.

Hi tech_phoenix. Sorry for the inconvience. Please report your website in AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting. That will work better for you.

Can you guys remove the false positive result for the following domain, we have checked everything and confirmed the domain and systems are clean. Most vendors have already responded with updates that it was a false positive and removed this.

This has significantly impacted our client, can this be cleared and marked as Business/Financial for web reputation please.

[quote author=alyster link=topic=126699.msg905056#msg905056 date=1609779182]

Hello we are from wattswater. Our IP is falsely being detected as Malware

Please whitelist this as soon as possible

Currently, the Valkyrie site is listing our IP as infected by “Malware”. This was a historical issue when one of our IP was wrongly tagged by Vendor which was whitelisted by them there

Kind regards, we are presenting a false positive with the Valkyrie security tool, we are a health and wellness site and we are not interested in violating anyone’s security, this situation affects us with sales, please help us.


(Indicates 3 urls of folders that do not exist on my server)


We warmly thank you in advance for your cooperation!

False Positive
We found our site in your database.
But our site is clean. Please help us.


Says there is a list of senders who only send spam and another who only send phishing but i cannot access those lists to take any action that may be needed.

Appears to be accusing when the phishers are attacking accounts not using infrastructure

If we have a problem we’ll fix it but so far i see no evidence.


Our site was hacked. All files have now been deleted and a fresh install with security plugins has been undertaken.

Valkyrie is still identifying the site as phishing - it is not. The urls listed in the Valkyrie report no longer exist and return 404 errors.

Other vendors in the Virus Total report have already updated their databases (alphamountain will be updating based on email discussion)
The only remaining ‘Suspicious’ labels are aggregators basing their label on Valkyrie

(This is from email received from Nuno at DNS8: “As soon as their classification changes, we’ll automatically review our own classification.”)

Could you please remove this flag please.



Hello - previously compromised sites are still flagged as unsafe despite having been clean months ago. Please remove:


your scanner classifies the following urls/domains as PHISHING again:


Thank you.

Currently yours is the only one on virustotal flaggins our website

Per VirusTotal, Comodo Valkyrie Verdict is incorrectly flagging our site as phishing. This is a Computershare hosted site on behalf of our client Scotia Bank.


I am Artem, Network Engineer in Beakon Inc. I want to report that URL does not contain anything malicious. This site belongs to Beakon Inc. company that is located in Australia Sydney. Company provides CRM and risk management services to different companies including DHL in AU.

Beakon works with a lot of companies. Short list can be found here Beakon | Permit To Work | Contractor Management | Risk Management .
On affected URL you may find links to Beakon privacy policy and TOS

I believe that false reports appeared because of CRDF results and we already submitted removal requests to CRDF and Bfore.Ai PreCrime services. Similar issue with netcraft was already resolved.

Please update your database accordingly.