Report False Positives for Valkyrie Service Here - 2020

If you believe that you have encountered a false positive with the online verdict service you can report them here. This is NOT the place to report false positives for comodo antivirus.

When reporting Valkyrie false positives please post the Valkyrie analysis link and a Virustotal link.

Final verdict is “clean” but static analysis or dynamic analysis say “malware”


a clean installer EagleGet Download Manager



Trusted Duquu Sample !!
[b]Advanced File Analysis System | Valkyrie
VT: VirusTotal

Trusted AutoIt Sample

Trusted “Adware Digital Signature” Problem over Valkyrie

Valkyrie Results





Files final verdicts are “Clean” because the digital signature of the samples are in Trusted Vendors List.
Please check “Optimal Software s.r.o.” in your CIS or CCAV.
It is a PUP/PUA provider.
Homepage - HerdProtect Knowledgebase

I will report it as trusted malware. Inform to you.


I’ll check this vendor.

update: the original page and product for this vendor were located at New findings revealed (with your comment) and sha1 ab84b151b723dd7bff31f5eb3f6bf3c7254adcc2 was found to be an installer of scareware product. The list of vendors is updated.
Thank you very much for informing this. It’s highly appreciated.

Siketa, how do you conclude that these are FPs?

They have very low VT detection ratio by few engines known for FPs (F-Prot, Zillya…).

Trusted Trojan Sample

It looks like it has correct and verified digital signature.
Or a bug →;msg828840#msg828840

I sent it to manual analysis, they fixed the “Safe” verdict.

This is a file which has stolen certificate. It should be validated by Valkyrie. The case was known to us, and it is already fixed, it will be available with next update.

The vendor is trusted.