Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here

Please report to us any URL you feel as SAFE but SecureDNS is reporting otherwise.

In order to properly investigate the site, we ask that you please provide us with the following:

  1. URL
  2. Reason you feel its safe.
  3. Scan results as a permalink from: (as this may help identify why it was blocked in the first place.)
    3a) URLVoid
    3b) Comodo’s WebInspector

As friendly reminder, please DO NOT post links to dangerous sites.


Last Edited by Sal Amander for clarity and the inclusion of a link to Comodo’s Web Inspector

Simple site for listing TV program

But not malware-free.

The Australian (Aussie daily newspaper) is blocked :

URL Void results are clean: Safe? Check it Now | URLVoid

My Tax site is blocked


Please unblock this website, because I cannot get to it while using Comodo Secure DNS:

It is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Do you think you could also list the Comodo SiteInspector website along side the URLVoid website in your first post and also in the Comodo DNS Help Forum?

I think that would be a good idea and more people will learn about Comodo SiteInspector and more people will start using it.

These could be, stickied/added (?), or whatever the correct term/word is: (Scan Site) (Report Query) (FAQ)

And having them, stickied/added (?) to here would be nice:

On my wishlist for Comodo SiteInspector would be having the Scan Site and Report Query combined into one, where if the page has already been scanned before it will automatically give you the option of either viewing the previous detailed report and/or allow you to scan it again and also see the detailed report.

Also, I hope these reports are also being submitted to the Comodo Team to help improve Comodo DNS/Comodo CIS/Comodo SiteInspector itself/etc.

Thank you,
-John Jr :slight_smile: is being blocked as an unsafe site. Why? It’s a reputable Alaska newspaper.
URLVOID report:
Report 2011-02-19 23:53:17 (GMT 1)
File Name alaskadispatch-com
File Size 42058 bytes
File Type Unknown file
MD5 Hash 8c8819f2e147721e175350b604ab90e5
SHA1 Hash 514f8a00ea380e6f4b4a9e5917e8e536e21a5d37
Detections: 0 / 16 (0 %)
Status CLEAN
Antivirus Updated Engine Result
a-squared 19/02/2011 -
Avast 19/02/2011 5.0 -
AVG 19/02/2011 -
Avira AntiVir 19/02/2011 -
BitDefender 19/02/2011 -
ClamAV 19/02/2011 -
Comodo 19/02/2011 4.0 -
Dr.Web 19/02/2011 5.00.0 -
F-PROT6 19/02/2011 -
Ikarus T3 19/02/2011 1001084 -
Kaspersky 19/02/2011 -
NOD32 19/02/2011 -
Panda 19/02/2011 -
TrendMicro 19/02/2011 9.120-1004 -
VBA32 19/02/2011 -
VirusBuster 19/02/2011 1.5.6 -

Here are some other reports for that website: :slight_smile:




Any reports of malware are apparently politically motivated. The paper has some reports on Sarah Palin and some of her supporters do not like that. Blocking this site assists them in their purpose.

If you continue to block the site, please tell me how I can stop using your DNS server & go back to my previous one.


Well, if you would like to use another DNS service and/or revert to your original DNS service, it is real easy; some DNS services such as Norton DNS and ClearCloud DNS come with a Utility that you can download & install, that will enable & disable & even revert your original DNS service with a few clicks of your mouse. :wink:



The ComodoTeam may or may not be working on fixing your issue, I do not know since I am just a normal user like you, but if you do decided to try another DNS service; then Norton DNS would be my first choice (especially since they offer optional Web Filtering too now for free) and ClearCloud DNS would be my second choice at this time, but feel free to try which ever you think is best. :slight_smile:

Good luck and I hope that the Comodo Team is working on fixing your issue. :slight_smile:

I bought domain nearly three month ago. But i had’t noticed that it was listed in several spam-lists. Well, now it is simply clean and there is another website.
Report Not Found | URLVoid - scan.

4example - Website Check — How to Check Website Safety | AVG | AVG ,absolutely clean website. - safe, as well
Unblock it, please.

and again, the site I reported some time ago is being blocked!!!


It is CLEAN! So says Comodo SiteInspector.

and don’t come and tell me that some urlvoid or DNH-BH tells you otherwise! Go and investigate a little, and you will find out, that these reports are based on (hold your breath):

Google’s block list!!!

Now, Goolge has all the right to have it’s own block list, but they are a commercial company, and their block list is purely commercially justified (sch as: same site twice on the net to get more hits, etc.). Google is not a security site, and if Comodo blocks sites based on some community-based hearsay list, then sorry guys, I’m out.

I am most happy to provide evidence for my claim, if somebody should be interested (don’t want to be accused here of just accusing without providing evidence)

Cheers and greetings from Milan

You might/may be right, it does appear to probably be clean at this time, but maybe at one time is was not clean or it was a false positive; hopefully the Comodo Team will investigate and make sure, since they are the Experts :wink: :

Good luck,
-John Jr :slight_smile:

Our corporate website,, is blocked by SecureDNS. Nothing unsafe on the site. URLVoid scan results here - Report Not Found | URLVoid

Please unblock.


So far, , does look clean to me. :slight_smile:

Here are some other URL reports:

Hopefully someone from the Comodo Team will fix this for you. :slight_smile:

Comodo DNS has blocked all websites of (brazilian free hosting). (all blocked)

Perhaps a site created by this service has been used to distribute malware, but … block all sites - including his own portal - is a big mistake.

Many people ask me for help to disable Comodo DNS because of that fact.

(I posted before in another topic because I only saw this topic now.)

DynDNS is currently not blocking it.

Out of the URL Scanners I tried, only WOT and AVG ThreatLabs and K9 are detecting it as possibly malicious:

[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s a safe website and currently is being blocked by the Comodo DNS.