Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here 2021

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Please report to us any URL you feel as SAFE but SecureDNS is reporting otherwise.

In order to properly investigate the site, we ask that you please provide us with the following:

  1. URL
  2. Reason you feel its safe.
  3. Scan results as a permalink from: (as this may help identify why it was blocked in the first place.)
    3a) URLVoid
    3b) Comodo’s WebInspector

As friendly reminder, please DO NOT post links to dangerous sites.


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I recently signed up for DriecTV Now and was having issues accessing the site after logging in where I would get a black screen. After spending a couple of days back and forth with their customer support which is terrible I started going down the list of things to see if I could get to the bottom of it. After a number of different things being removed, turned off or disabled including all the components of the firewall I decided to disable the DNS address that Comodo uses on install and that fixed it. Is there any idea why Comodo would block DirecTV Now of all things? If there is nothing that can be done than great, I just won’t use Comodo’s DNS and stick without it. Thanks.

I can confirm the discrepancy. I hope somebody from Comodo stops by and can explain.

You can notify somebody to solve the problem?

Site is Safe


I notified somebody in Comodo. It is weekend so I wouldn’t expect a response until after the weekend.

This should be solved now.

If you still see problem, please clear dns cache and re-try.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Guys, could you unblock the following:


will be checked.

Please try again, should be resolved.

Ad-free imageboard (only runs advertising for on-site artists).
Discord’s upload server.

We are a company providing services to users
our users get blocked by Comodo Antivirus via ComodoSecureDNS
When they try to reach these ips in browsers

I have a ticket
View Ticket: #BJU-630-54129

You guys keep saying these ip are unblocked but its not true
Please Unblock this ASAP

Hella Shachar. Welcome to the forums. Could you post the url of your web site?

Hi Yes
but these ips are blacklisted not the domain itself
redirecting to these ips

I did a bit of testing and found that the web filter capabilities of the firewall are responsible for blocking The IP addresses you see in the alert are from Neustar DNS which was acquired by Comodo 5 or more years ago. The ip addresses you see in the alerts are a red herring.

Your web site resolves to - -

There is little information about to be found when running a whois. is accessible but gives an empty page and and www. cannot be found by DNS servers of my provider. The domain is very new and in its infant stages.

Could you state what the website is about and what it will be used for?

I have sent an email to the email address with which you signed up to confirm you are the owner of that email address and therefor a representative of the domain used in that email address. Please respond.

Could you please post the details as requested in the topic start?

Dear EricJH
I’ve sent you everything in a pm, regarding our company and domains, at same day you requested
Have you checked it?
Best Regards

Urlvoid analysis: Report Not Found | URLVoid
Comodo Web inspector: Website Malware Scanner | Online Website Virus and Malware Scanner

Urlvoid gives a flag by Web of Trust: . Comodo Web Inspector shows a clean bill of health.

I did in depth testing using various Comodo DNS server addresses:
Comodo Secure DNS

The servers with IP addresses and are part of Neustar which was acquired by Comodo several years ago and are responisble for blocking as reported by Shachar. I tried using those servers as DNS servers but I could not use them.

Hello dns have blocked wich is safe. Can you deblock this please. Thank you

Don’t see it blocked.

May you please tell us DNS IP in use?