Report applications that are not being monitored by CPM

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In this topic we want to find out which applications were not monitored on your systems (if you encountered any). Just name the application and we will start analysing .

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so is this apps that arent monitored that were installed before CPM?

I understand it as programs not being monitored with CPM installed.

There could be both actually.
You can report applications that are not monitored with CPM Installed or a wishlist of applications for DB Uninstall.
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Do you want us to post all non monitored and non DB monitored application or only the ones want to monitored?
Here are the installed applications CPM lists. Most of them are not monitored. Only once application has been installed after CPM’s installation → FastStone Capture

Edit: WinRar Beta6 has not been automatically monitored. Maybe because Beta4 was already installed.

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Especially the ones that are not monitored and installed after CPM installation,but this is fine also.

Yes, the updates for not monitored applications can’t be monitored.

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It was installed before CPM, and i would like to be added to the DB Uninstall.


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Here are all the programs on my computer most are not monitored but i think all of them that are not monitored were installed before CPM. is a list like this ok? or do you want the link for each program?

EDIT: now that i look at the list i know i installed itunes after CPM and it is not monitored

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The list is ok, no need for the links.

For some rare setups the automatic detection fails, because they have not valid keywords that can tell us if the specified process is a setup or not. So the best practice is to use ‘Install and monitor setup’ shell extension option by right clicking on the setup that you want to install.

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“Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools” has not been monitored.

Paint.NET has not been monitored here with the latest Beta.

Alice: Madness Returns (Steam version) = “Not monitored”

Are any Steam apps monitored? Due to its delivery mechanism, there is no right-click option.


I did a clean install of the computer then installed CPM and every single application was automatically monitored, except opera 11.52 Opera Web Browser | Faster, Safer, Smarter | Opera.

It is not even DB monitored which is sad, because i really wanted to use CPM to unistall opera 11.52 and do a clean install of Opera 11.60 (Opera 11.60 should be released in a week or two).

Windows 7 ultimate 32 bits.

PS- I did not use “Install and monitor setup using CPM” because i use SUA with SRP and to install i have to right click and choose “Run as administrator”, even in the administrator account.


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Sumatra PDf is “DB Monitored” but not automatically “Monitored”.
Lastpass is “Not Monitored” ( not even “DB Monitor”)

Sumatra PDF reader download page (installer)

Download LastPass | LastPass (Universal installer)


PS- Opera is of right now “DB Monitored”. Thanks :-TU :-TU

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Cisco WebEx Meetings Player hasn’t been monitored.

CPM x64
EasyBCD 2.1.2 Not Monitored