Replaced ads, revenue for site owner?


It is my understanding that PrivDog will remove ads from a site and if possible replace them with ads from AdTrustMedia, however then I wonder if the site owner earns any money from this?

In order for the site to earn money, must they not also provide ads from AdTrustMedia in their ads selection? If PrivDog replaces ads and the site doesn’t have a contract with AdTrustMedia, that means that they don’t get any money from it, right?

So I guess what I am asking (along with the above) is, does PrivDog replace ads on sites that do not have any active contract with AdTrustMedia? Does replaced ads earn the site owners money?

Thank you,
Sanya IV Litvyak.

Hi SanyaIV,
The following may not be accurate and is only my presumption on how it works, it could be in fact incorrect.

I would presume AdTrustMedia would have no right in altering anyones site without the site owners permission.
AdTrustMedia can block content from entering your system using PrivDog.
Anyone not using PrivDog will be able to view or block the advertising from any site the same as they do now.
Revenue for site owners could decrease if you invited their site onto your system and PrivDog blocked some revenue raising advertising.
If the site owner wants to continue to use 3rd party advertising for the benefit of raising personal revenue, this is not regulated by AdTrustMedia.
If the site owner wants to continue using 3rd party advertising for the benefit of raising revenue and not be blocked by PrivDog users, then all parties involved would have an agreement with strict advertising policies set into place to protect the user.

I can not stress enough this is only my presumption and not to be regarded as accurate information.

I just want to make sure AdTrustMedia isn’t making money of websites when the sites themselves get nothing.

I understand what you are saying.
Best if we wait for a response from Staff for a more accurate insight. :slight_smile:

I had questions about this myself.

The website owner must create a free account with AdTrustMedia. They will then receive the ad revenue generated from the replacement ads displayed when viewing the website.

If it takes some time before a site owner becomes aware that their ads are being redirected, (keep in mind that only third-party ads are replaced…) they will still receive all of the money that they would have received from the ads as soon they create an account, as AdTrustMedia has logs of the ads it displayed on the site.