Repetitive Comodo Update Messages

I recently received an update message for Comodo Firewall 10, and proceeded to update and reboot. However, that same update message keeps repeating itself and has done so now about seven times. I am using fully updated Windows 8.1, with Panda antivirus, Malwarebytes Pro and Adguard 6 installed.

Can you suggest a solution to this problem please.

Most likely your other security software is blocking or preventing CFW to update properly. You can try to run diagnostic to see if it found any problems or you can uninstall and then install again using the standalone installer. Make sure to export your current config if you want to save your settings so you can import after the install.

I disabled anti virus, Malwarebytes and Adguard and allowed update to proceed. Received 100% completed message (as I did previously). Software version is recorded as V10.0.1.6258. However the Update notification popup returned again today. Any further thoughts on why this might be happening please?

The only other component that gets updated after installing CIS is the new cryptolocker VirusScope recognizer which is version that is now out of beta. If you have that and are still getting update notifications then you should perform an uninstall and reinstall. I still think your other security software is interfering in some way even if you had disabled them during update.

OK - I did a full uninstall and re-install and so far the update popup has not reappeared, so hopefully the problem is fixed
Thanks for your help - much appreciated