repeating email attack

I have received over 4000 emails since last Thursday…a mix of Viagra and fake Rolex solicitations that appear to come in the same pattern and number in regular waves. My email spam program identifies and collects them neatly for disposal, but if I can delete the root virus/attacker it sure would be nice…my phone does not have a spam folder so I have to delete them manually…

On my phone email, it looks like the files first appear as “no sender and no content” messages that I cannot delete. Then they “hatch” into the spam mail and I can delete them the next time I open my mail program and it auto updates.

Sound familiar to anyone? I have run my comodo anti-virus on my work computer and do not find anything.

Gotta say, with that many emails you can probably do some damage if you report them. See here:
You can have it set to forward them automatically through a service like Gmail.

It’s possible that you don’t have a virus on your computer but that someone has just decided to add your email address to many of the spam lists. Can you please scan you computer with Hitman Pro and see if it finds anything?

Can you also run a scan with Sophos Anti-Rootkit and see if it finds anything?

Spam attack. You do not need to have a virus on your computer, a hacker could easily just type in your E-mail and target you. I recommend scanning with your AV, Malwarebytes and scan with Hitman Pro 3.5 given in the other reply.

No need to have whatever virus, rootkit, or malware: it is enough for the said mail adress to be hacked on whatever website where it is present.

A first line of defense is to always have at least a “junk mail” and a real one, and to always use the junk one when needed for whatever inscription to whatever software or website.