Repeatedly sandboxing Greg.exe

I’m having the same/a similar issue. Comodo asks me if I want to sandbox “GREG.exe”. If I click on the name of the executable provided in the Comodo Sandbox window, I get the message:

“Windows cannot find ‘C:\Program Files\Acer\Registration\GREG.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.” [OK]

Since I uninstalled the Acer registration program (using the Windows 7 Control Panel’s “Programs and Features” applet), it makes sense that the .exe cannot be found. Even when I answer to Comodo to not sandbox the program, the same window will pop up minutes later. It’d be nice to have a “ignore this forever” option. I searched the registry for “GREG.exe” and did not get anything.

I understand that this is most likely due to Acer not uninstalling the registration program properly. There are no scheduled tasks for this exe. There is a schedule task for Acer’s “Acer Assist”, however, it is in a completely different path. I also didn’t see any Services related to “GREG.exe” or Acer registration.

This netbook is just a two days old, running Win 7 Starter. The only things that have been done to it so far are upgrades (OS and some supporting apps), removing crapware, installing security software, and installing some open source alternatives to MS applications. Tonight a friend is going to make a “dummy greg.exe” for me, and I’ll re-create the expected path. Maybe then the message will stop displaying after I answer?

Please post the bug report information requested here.

A good first step with such problems (part from those you tried) is to do a Windows Explorer Search including hidden and system files for the file concerned - record the exact path. Then make a record of the exact path indicated on the alert by hovering over the word Comodo. Any discrepancy may indicate the source of the problem. Then to use Microsoft autoruns to see if you can find a the invoking reference, and disable it if you can then reboot.

The creation of a dummy file may work. Please tell me if it does.

Best wishes