Repeatedly Nagged to set defense plus rules

On some applications I am regularly requested to set rules for applications that I have already set. Does anyone know why?


Set Firewall and Defense+ to Safe mode so CIS can learn and apply the appropriate rules for each application on its’ own all the while making sure that remember this answer is always checked, if this doesn’t work someone else will intervene to assist you.
Xman :Beer

Can you give some more details Please?

Are you using the latest version of CIS if only the firewall what prior version? If during a new installation you allow everything till you get a screen icon in Defense+ that’s the one that will be treated and allowed as a trusted application the prior ones are to treat allowed as an installer, hope this helps, remember to always check box remember this answer if not already default set during these responses from yourself.
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Xman (:KWL)

I’m using version 3.5.55810.432

Have you understood my last post and applied it in a test?
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Yes I understand and; but I have not tested it yet