Repeated alerts

My firewall continues to ask for permission for the same thing. Screenshot attached. I check the box so it will not have to ask me again and it still does for several days now. I am running version Is this a know issue?
I use HughesNet as my provider so this address it is asking for is the modem. ???

Edit: I see a new version will be released tomorrow. I will sit tight on this issue until after the release.

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Hi Rick,

The alert you see is Compontn Monitor alert. You need to set component monitor to Learning mode or you will receive such alerts untill all the components are recognized.


Ok egemen. I will go ahead and do that for a couple of days. Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t have much to say around here but really enjoy learning about a awesome product. (:CLP)

Dont forget to select “Remember” option for the alerts.

Good luck,