Renewed SSL certificate

Hi there. I hope someone can help me as certificates are not an area I am overly familiar with. I have been asked to renew the SSL certificate for one of our clients that supports their webmail server (they use OWA). I followed the instructions on the email received from Comodo, received the certificate and installed it without a problem. If I check the server certificate on the default web site in IIS6.0, all of the certificate details appear to be correct. The problem that I have is that whenever I navigate to their webmail address, it presents the expired certificate (not the renewed certificate) and gives a security alert. Why would this be? Please note that I have tried accessing this from a computer and browser that has never contacted this site previously, so I don’t believe it is a cached security credential (if such a thing could exist).

Apologies if I have not given basic information that you need to assist me, if you let me know what additional information I need to give, I will gladly supply it. Thank you for your time.