Renewed Cert, how to update?


I have been with comodo for a year now and have just purchased another 2 year, as I don’t want to do a fresh install, would it be possible just to update the new certificate code?

Any help or advice would be most appreciated.

It depends on the platform you are using (cPanel, Plesk, HSphere, IIS, Apache, Tomcat, etc.)


Thanks for the response.

The platform is “RedHat”


Sorry its Linux, cpanel i think

Red Hat is a kind of Linux (flavor as they call it). cPanel gets a little tricky as it sits in front of the Apache web server. Have you provided us with your CSR yet?

Yes I think, the they sent me an email with the new Pro Certificate in text format, can i just update this some where?


You can download the certificate in .crt format from your account on

Follow the instruction from this link to install the new certificate on CPanel.