Renewal SSL certificate stalled

I admire your vision, but I may suggest to do not destroy your former business in the process.
Comodo was a customer-centric company, a big advantage against American corps, but I can not say it in present time.
Currently, I am having trouble to renew a simply, cheap, stupid, SSL certificate /credit card seal This would be the 8th year with it, nothing has changed from the first day, but your staff has not been able to make their job after many days and as much emails. I thought it was because of my “bad luck” but I found a lot of “bad luck” around, with the same issue: Comodo SSL Certificate Reviews
There you will see how Comodo do not have the place that use to. What is the case to attract so much clients when you can not support them? You may become a victim of your own success.
Just for your records my tickets are [#FYO-676215] [#UWD-381202]: Order 13868802

I split and moved your post from one of Melih’s topics about his blogposts to the SSL board and informed Comodo staff about your problem and pointed to this topic.

I expect this will bring the needed exposure and bring a solution for you.

My post was in the right place.
I do not expect that my problem could be solved, I put it as an example of the kind of company that you had become and I wanted to know his point of view.
What you did makes me feel absolutely disapointed with Comodo, definitively I do not see a difference between you and Symantec, except they are the number one.

My sincere apologies for the trouble you experienced with your renewal. The certificate and card logo have both now been issued.