Renewal procedure - HELP

hi, I’ve submitted two support tickets - one on 19th August, one on 30th September.

It’s now 4th of October, I haven’t had any response to either of them, and no response to emails. Can anyone please help? Ticket refs are AAA-127189 and HHH-349054.

Our EV SSL expires next month. I’ve been getting reminder emails from Comodo advising me the renew as soon as possible - which I would like to do now. However, I do not want to buy a new cert for 2 years from today, and waste the 6 weeks we still have on the certificate. Neither do I want to leave it until the last day of the current SSL validity. What is the recommended renewal procedure?

Can I buy a certificate now, that will expire 2 years after the expiry date of the current one? If yes, how do I do that? We’re on EPKI.

Also, do we need to submit the validation documents from scratch or will you use the ones you hold on file?



Check your junk mail - everything that comes out of Comodo’s support system lands in my quarantine.